Thursday, March 05, 2009

Animal Spirits

Fire of Liberty

I found this interesting article over at about how a the management of Target, Kohl's, and Dollar General have decided to continue the expansion of their stores throughout the nation. Such might not be sage advice during this economic decline to most folks, but for me I applaud folks in the private sector who are willing to make their own financial decisions and avoid the government queue. It'd be nice if a lot more of the companies would take some notes and avoid the intrusive federal government. The only sad thing is that the White House and Congress are passing bills and writing regulations that creates an environment that promotes government subsidies in the billions and government/private partnerships that wipe aside the whole spirit of entrepreneurism and the concept of risk for the safety of the Federal Reserve. Until folks move away from this statist mentality, expect a long haul out of his economic morass. So God's speed to the folks of the private sector who are pushing ahead with plans to get our economy charged back so we can get back on the economic superhighway.

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Econmic Killer

Fire of Liberty

Here's a clip of an interview of President Obama with the San Francisco Chronicle(about to be defunct) in which he notes that under his "cap & trade" program the citizens of the country will face a significant hike in their utility bills in the near future. Now he goes to say such pain will be front loaded and will result in great gains on the future generations, I can't fathom a President placing such draconian measures on the American public during our economic down-turn. Expect a great fight on this one.