Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama's Elitist Behavior

Fire of Liberty

Now the Obama (and his fellow Democrats) campaign might think that they have the election in the bag and feel free to let the candidate to let his guard down and say what he wants as he coasts to 1600 Pennsylvania, but after hearing his most recent comments about how he can't fathom the notion of Americans calling for an English only policy(or make immigrants learn such), that American parents should teach their kids Spanish as well as noting that his embarrassment to see Americans go off into the world and fail to speak other languages properly, he might need to think again. Here's the video:

I guess the staff is not aware of the ire that exist in this nation over the issue of illegal immigrants and the failure of the nation to properly assimilate individuals who enter this nation(legally). This going off the script and delivering such condescending nonsense to folks in Georgia(And the rest of the heartland) just removes the mask and reveals the real Obama. So keep it up Senator Obama.

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