Monday, April 20, 2009

An "Outlawing" Mood

Fire of Liberty

Now here's a good column by George Jonas in Canada's National Post that points out how President Obama has entered the planet of the absurd by swearing to the world that the US and the Russians will work at eliminating nuclear weapons by a dramatic amount in the near future. As Jonas notes, the Obama administration might be talking a good game at "eliminating" nuclear weapons, but in reality they are of the opinion that it's in the world's best to outlaw these weapons. Try as they might, the Obama administration will play into the hands of the criminal/terrorist/dictatorial states like North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, and countless others to continue clandestine programs on the development and building of nuclear weapons while allowing nations that follow through on "outlawing" their weapons to fall pray to the threat of elimination by bad actors. Once we start outlawing something that provides us an armor of safety, the more likely someone will use the law against you. Just look at what happened to the folks Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and other places after their respective governments instituted a ban on firearms. (One can even look at the horrific violence being conducted daily in Mexico(a nation with highly prohibitive gun laws) to see how outlawing the citizens rights to a means of self defense can result in greater dangers.) Anyway, check out the column by Jonas for an thought provoking read.

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