Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fire of Liberty

Fire of Liberty

From the looks of recent town halls on health care, it looks like the Democrats in Congress have run themselves into some soft territory with its efforts to sell President Obama's health care policy to the American people. I guess the large majority of American voters who have health care are very much satisfied with the coverage they have and enjoy the freedom to choose their doctors and make decisions pertinent to their well being.

These individuals can't be too happy about what awaits them when politicians and various special interest groups(you know who you are) keep on insisting on a "Public Option," which is a non threatening term for government paid and run health care. One only has to look at a recent analysis by the Lewin Group, which points out that once the House bill was passed and fully implemented around 2015 individuals and employers would be able to participate in the public option. According to the report, an estimated 103.9 million people would be covered under the public plan due to some 83.4 million being forced out of their current private insurance coverage.

Even more, the elder and disabled voters who are already on Medicare are very fearful of rationing and diminished care due to a massive influx of millions being forced to leave their current plan because lawmakers insist on a "Public Option," as well as a decline in payments to various providers. Much like Medicaid, these individuals would find it more and more harder to be covered by their current doctor(who would most likely stop participating(if they're allowed to)), greater government restrictions on who you can see, or a diminished to shabby medical care from the lack of good doctors who stop practicing and seek greener pastures.

All in all, one can see why the American people are turning sour on Obama's health care plans. You don't have to take my word for it, just look at what the pollsters over at Pollster.Com and the daily tracking polls over at are showing about the President's fall from grace with regards to this horrible health care proposal. See here:

I for one hope for the American people push this legislation to an deeply dug grave.

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