Thursday, February 08, 2007

Could Rudy be the One?

I have to say that after reading this piece in the NY Sun by columnist R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., I'm becoming more impressed about Rudy Giuliani's ability to be the next POTUS, especially when I see the results he had in turning around New York(Crime and Revitalizing the Town) not to mention his depth and understanding of "supply-side" economics and the threats the Islamic extremism pose to this nation. Now while he's off to a great start on being an ideal pick for the GOP, it would be very wise for Rudy to be a little more open towards attending more conservative events while also being more open to the American people about his social views. Here's hoping Rudy great luck in 08 but as with all presidential races someone better might emerge in a years time.

*Here's my top four:
1.Newt Gingrich

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