Thursday, February 08, 2007

Eco-Madness Documentary

As a conservative, I'm all gung-ho for individuals fighting to preserve their traditions, culture, history and way of life which includes the managing of one's property and surroundings but at the same time I believe that such should be approached in a more restrained manner that doesn't exclude growth and economic prosperity. Now while a lot of people in "the heartland" know what what I'm talking about, they're are a lot of individuals within the Green/environmental left camp that will go to great extremes to push their agenda on people who are just trying to make a living or doing what they want to do on their own property. Whether it's the folks who protest and fill all kinds of lawsuits to prevent the building of new homes, activists against the use of DDT to control if not eliminate malaria in Africa, rich celebrities/politicians calling for the building of massive wind-turbine farms or other alternative energy sources but then go all NIMBY(not in my back yard) when alternative energy companies propose the placing of such technology in their neighborhood, environmentalists getting injunctions to prevent farmers/foresters from clearing dead or ageing trees from our forests who are doing so in an effort to minimize the threat of fires to the human population, or individuals who are so devoted to preventing further global warming(I'm leery of believing that the UN and Gore know everything about the true causes of this phenomenon) that they are willing to impose onerous regulations and restrictions on industries that they will dry up our industrial base(China and India are excluded from Kyoto), the extreme environmentalists are proposing ideas and enacting solutions that cause more harm than good to the community or the people in general. The extent of such eco-madness seems to reach its greatest height of absurdity in instances in which various environmental groups target various international mining companies who are trying to start up some mines that bring jobs to remote and poverty stricken areas of the world, which is documented in a fine new file called Mine Your Own Business. Though the critics will scoff at the film and claim that this is free market propaganda and an insult to environmentalism, the film still serves a purpose in demonstrating what ends the eco-extremists will go to ensure their will is done while denying the will and well-being of others.

*Here's a good review of Mine Your Own Business over at National Review Online by Peter Suderman.

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