Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Economic Dynamism Is the Key

Fire of Liberty

reduction of the corporate capital gains taxes from the I have to say if Romney, Guiliani, McCain or others want to secure the GOP nomination and ensure that our economy is vibrant then I suggest they follow Congress Duncan Hunter's lead and call for the elimination of corporate capital gains taxes. Now while I know the outright elimination of these taxes would have a hard time passing through the Democratic controlled Congress but one could probably see a substantialexorbitant 40% to a more modest and workable rate of 20% to 15% rate much like we saw with the capital gain tax reductions in the 2003 Bush tax cuts(Which spurred dynamic growth). Someone who seems to have thought out such proposal is Lawrence Kudlow, columnist and host of CNBC's Kudlow & Company, who has a good column over at RealClearPolitics which points out how this nation can continue the economic dynamism that was started by President Reagan some twenty-six years ago if they pushed through such ideas. If someone at the top of the GOP billing will take this good idea as well as a call for greater emphasis on math, science, and economics within our education system(They also need to learn history as well) and develop them into effective policies, then they'll have a good chance of getting the nod come 2008. Yest look throughout Presidential history at you'll see how favorable this nation is to a candidate who pushes a message of economic dynamism and a brighter future for America.

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shliknik said...

the GOP race is really wide open. It'll take something big (like the Cap.Gains tax cut) to push someone ahead. We'll see.