Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Glimpse of Torture

Fire of Liberty

Rowan Scarborough has a good article in the D.C. Examiner which notes that our soldiers over in Iraq have raided various al Qaeda safe houses and have discovered various torture chambers, kidnapped Iraqis, as well as finding sketches of torture techniques on a hard drive. Now I know that a lot folks in America(As well as some politicians.) like to claim that our enhance interrogation techniques are torture but after reading Scarborough's , I'd say they might need to reassess their definition of torture. Here's a look:

Some of the techniques depicted in black and white:

» An electric drill punching holes in hands

» A knife severing limbs

» A screwdriver taking out an eye

» A blowtorch burning tracks of skin

» Live electric wires attached to tongues

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