Friday, July 27, 2007

Mugabe's Hit Squad

Fire of Liberty

While the MSM is running countless stories on the Dow falling some 311 points, Lindsay Lohan's arrest, and Michael Vick's dog troubles, the thuggish regime of Robert Mugabe is bringing down its hob-nailed boots on the folks of Zimbabwe. Thankfully the intrepid reporters of the Times are finding time to report on how this African hurdling further and further into chaos that is reminiscent of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Here's a look at the latest horrors in the land of Mugabe:

A group of nursing mothers were ordered to put down their babies by Zimbabwean police before being beaten for hours.

The six women were among 160 people rounded up at the offices of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), an organisation dedicated to constitutional reform, after activists tried to hold a demonstration.

They were taken to Harare central police station and told to leave their babies in the corner of a hall and join other adults lying on their stomachs.

For the next four or five hours, witnesses say, the infants screamed as police lashed their mothers and the other adults continuously with metre-long, heavy rubber sticks.

here were six women with children. There were grandmummies,” said a 35-year-old woman in hospital with a suspected broken shoulder. “We were made to lie down on our stomachs in rows of five or ten with our hands stretched out in front. All were beaten.

“From about 6pm to 11pm they were beating us, nonstop, going up and down the rows, one after another. When one group of police got tired another would take over.

This just goes to show you what people in this world will endure in their quest for liberty. It would be nice if they MSM and other Western nations(South Africa as well) would take note of this man-made hell before we get another Rwanda or Sudan.

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