Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Saving the British Lion

Fire of Liberty

With the second anniversary of the June 7 bombing of the buses in London as well as the most recent acts events in which Doctors, who were Muslims, plotted and executed their devilish acts of terrorism on the streets of London and the airport at Glasgow(Thank God the bombs didn't go off.), one would expect that Prime Minister Gordon Brown would came out swinging. Now it is true that the Prime Minister came out during these horrible events and declared that the will of British people wouldn't be broken by these acts but he has also gone out of his way to emphasize that this is as a police investigation rather than a fight against Islamic terrorism. To make matters worse, the Daily Express has reported that PM Brown has issued orders to his cabinet that they shouldn't identify these terrorists as being Muslim and should do away with the whole term "War on Terror". Now while I'm all for an academic discussion on what to name our current fight, I think the UK is crippling itself with political correctness by failing to say enough is enough and acknowledge that the is an act(s) of Islamic terrorism and that this is indeed a problem within the Muslim community(See Melanie Phillips' book Londonistan for more.)

Until the PM says enough is enough and throws down the gloves, I foresee that the UK will see more and more attacks that will pale in comparison to the attacks of June 7, 2005. I thought that Gordon Brown, who was noted as being a strong Atlanticist and an admirer of the US in various articles, would be as strong and as determined as Tony Blair(He had a little political correctness in him but not this much.) was at destroying the threat of Islamic terrorism but with the most recent events I'm guessing that we're seeing a British terrorism policy more in the tune of Bill Clinton and John Kerry rather than Churchill, Thatcher, and Blair. I just hope the Brits get their senses before the British Lion roars its last roar.

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