Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seek you Inner Reagan

Fire of Liberty

I'd say that today's passage of this absurd $800 billion boondoggle of a "stimulus package", the Obama administration has cranked up the car of state and pulled it out of the drive and onto the "Road to Socialism." This should be the clarion call to all conservatives and our libertarian-leaning brethren to push forward our ideas and promote leaders who believe and vocally express such ideas. I say that we should embrace our "inner Reagan" and start taking back lost ground before the Dems and Obama take to the point of no return. This quest for the "inner Reagan" seems to have spurred the good folks over at the blog Texas Rainmaker who posted a debate between Reagan and Obama. Here's a look:

I sure look forward to a future politician who is willing to tackle our current day problems through a philosophy of economic and political liberty and move us from the socialistic tendencies occurring in D.C. these days.

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