Thursday, January 25, 2007

Far From Being the Next Iron Lady

This past week I was browsing The Times (London) and found an article in which Senator Clinton's advisers and friends are trying their best to sell the junior Senator from New York as being a liberal embodiment of Margaret Thatcher. Now try as they might, I pretty much doubt that they will ever convince the American people(Even if they raise or spend $500 million for 08) that Senator Clinton-an individual trained on "political triangulation" and a fanatic with poll numbers- is another Margaret Thatcher. Even more, with her steady change of course with regards to Iraq, Senator Clinton is miles away from the lady who proudly proclaimed "the lady is not for turning." Thankfully, Peter Cuthbertson has a piece over at TCS Daily which pretty much erases all doubts about Hillary becoming the second coming of the "Iron Lady."

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