Thursday, January 25, 2007

Widom of Our Founders

I hope that all the Senators and others who are pushing forward resolutions to handcuff the President's hands and limiting his ability to effectively conduct a war as Commander-in-Chief will take a gander at this editorial in The Wall Street Journal and realize that such actions are far and beyond the powers that the Founding Fathers intended for them to have. Even more important is that the ones squawking before the cameras about limiting the President and his commander's actions when it comes to fighting a war are some of the same individuals who are bidding for a chance to become the next Commander-in-Chief. They might think that they can win the Battle of Iraq by committee but as with all other wars the ultimate victor is one who is commanded by a single but resolute commander who is oriented to a task of winning rather than trying to conform to a myriad of voices sitting at a table. Thank God for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

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