Friday, January 26, 2007

Undermining the UK's fight on Islamic Terrorism

This story over at the BBC just further demonstrates that the UK is continuing to undermine its security and rule of law out of the fear of offending the Muslim community. While its all good and well to get the community involved in enforcing the law, I believe that the police are cutting their throats(no slight intended) by sharing information on your suspects to the various leaders of the predominately Muslim community. These individuals might be law abiding citizens who respect the UK and want to keep their country safe from such individuals but you also run the risk of tipping off the bad guys thus allowing them to get the heck out of Dodge. All in all, the proposal being pushed by the leaders of the Metropolitan Police is just another way of breaking the UK's effectiveness in fighting Islamic extremism. It'd be nice if these individuals setting up such feel good policies would take a moment to look at Melanie Phillips' wonderful book Londonistan which provides in great detail how the destructive in nature that this embrace of multiculturalism and moral relativism with regards to the Muslim community has on the British society as a whole. Until they do so and really take a deep hard look at these policies, they will continue to pull the country down and endanger millions of lives in the process.

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