Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bibi is Back

Fire of Liberty

If you remember from my posts last summer then you know that I'm not a great fan of Israel's PM Ehud Olmert and its centrist government over their land-for-peace deals with the Palestinians(Who still won't renounce violence against Israel), miserable execution and coming up short in the war with Hezbollah(should have finished them off), economic policies and various other actions that weakens Israel and its ability to effectively take on the terrorists that are on their Northern, Western, and Southern borders. As a great supporter of Israel, I'm well aware of the fact that this tiny nation only remains safe from outside aggressors when it has leaders who take on threats, understands the necessity of maintaining the nation's borders(The 1967 borders) and is competent in executing such actions. Thankfully the 95,000 members of the Likud party have decided that now is the time to return the party of Menachm Begin and Ariel Sharon back to the mantle of power by nominating Benjamin Netanyahu as their new leader to contest the general election against Ehud Olmert(Kadima) and Ehud Barak(Labour). As a former Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Ambassador to the UN, Terrorism analyst, and author, Netanyahu is well versed and prepared in dealing with a myriad of complex problems to ensure his nation's best interest in the near future. Now while a great amount of things can happen in a three way race in a parliamentary system, I believe Israel would be best served in electing Netanyahu in the next election. I wish him good luck.

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