Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Build the Darn Fence

Fire of Liberty

Here's an article in the Washington Times which points out that the federal government is going to task the US Border Patrol with the duty of recruiting agents to help build some 70 miles of fence by September 30, 2007. I for one think that the US government shouldn't be taking our border guards off their jobs of securing our border from illegal aliens, human smugglers, drug mules, criminals and G-d knows what else from entering our nation to participate in doing a job that a private contractor is well versed and prepared in doing so. As Congressman Duncan Hunter notes, the US has $1 billion in funds set aside to build a fence but the proper agencies won't spend the cash to do so. One doesn't have to look too far tons of contractors who could build the whole border fence and come in well below the $1 billion mark. Let's just get to building the fence. The sooner the better.

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