Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MSM Playing With Quotes

Fire of Liberty

From past knowledge of the cable networks like MSNBC, CNN, liberal bloggers, and most of the MSM, I presume that they are probably jumping on this story in which Governor Mitt Romney was confronted by an anti-war activist with a question about how he could favor the war even though his five sons are not serving in uniform. Now while I'm all for individuals asking such questions, I'm perturbed by the fact that the AP reporter Glen Johnson made an effort to leave out parts of the Governor's full comments to make him look odd or cast him in a bad light in an effort to create a controversy.(I'll give Mr. Johnson credit for identifying the lady as an anti-war activist and noting the Gov has donated some $25,000 of his own money to some seven military support organizations.) Thankfully, the Romney camp has provided the audio of the whole event in order to let the American people make their own decision on the Governor's answer. Here's the audio:

For me, I'm tired of these silly "chicken-hawk" questions and others which a more tabloid and less substantive for a person running for the President of the United States. What I'm interested in is the candidates' stance on fighting terrorism, Iraq, taxes, judges, illegal immigration, trade, health insurance, energy, infrastructure and countless other issues that will effect this nation and future generations.

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