Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Day in Mugabe's Hell

Fire of Liberty

Catherine Philip has an article in The Times(Which has the best coverage on Zimbabwe so far) that points out how Robert Mugabe and his thugs in Zimbabwe have wreaked the economy and the farming community so much that a large percentage of the children flock to the streets to sell their bodies in order to buy bread. Now my realist side tells me not to expect Mugabe and his party to be ousted in this weekend's vote, what with massive voter intimidation by his supporters and a three way race, but I hope I'm proved wrong and the voters decide that 200,000% plus inflation(According to the WSJ Europe editorial page), food shortages, high unemployment, abundant sickness and the horrific depths that their children are stooping to get food is beyond the pail and oust "Uncle Bob." The sooner he's gone the greater the chances that Zimbabwe can dig its way out of the hell that Mugabe and his sycophants has immersed the once "breadbasket" of southern Africa. So let's hope that Mugabe loses his post this weekend.

*For more see here, here, and here.

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