Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fuel Tanker Deal

Fire of Liberty

Now while Lou Dobbs, Democratic politicians from Washington state, Boeing, and its union are angry for the Pentagon awarding a fuel tanker contract to EADS and Northorp Grumman, I for one have to applaud the fact that the government let the free market prevail through a fair bidding process. I think this piece by David Freddoso over at National Review Online sums up the arguments why the American taxpayer be proud that this contract was awarded based on who can deliver the planes at a cheaper price rather than by nationalistic ties or what pleases members of Congress. I don't like the fact that the whole project won't be based in the US, but I'm still happy with the fact that this contract will bring some 2,000 jobs to Mobile, Alabama and will create some 25,000 support jobs in this nation. As with all things defense related, I believe Boeing won't be waiting too long for future contracts. So let's give a hand for Congress(And Senator McCain) for revealing the initial fraud that was committed on behalf of Boeing, in the original fuel tanker deal, and opening the fuel tanker deal up to a bidding process that respects the concept of a free market.

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