Saturday, March 08, 2008

Another FARC bites the Dust

Fire of Liberty

It looks like the FARC leadership is having a pretty hard time in the jungles of South America. First there was the pursuit and eventual killing of Raul Reyes, second in command of the narco-terror group, by the Colombian military. Secondly, there was the death of Ivan Rios, who according to the Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos, was killed by his own men in the mountains of Colombia. Now while this is a long way from being a death kneel for the FARC, it does fill me with great confidence that the leadership of these murderous terrorist are just as fearful of its own people as they are of the Colombian military. I just hope the Colombian government puts greater pressure on the FARC and its beleaguered leadership in an effort to keep the terrorists on the move and second guessing their every move in an effort to prevent any reprisal attacks on the government or innocent civilians. I'd have to say that Aaron Mannes over at The TerrorWonk blog has a good run-down on the recent take down of Rual Rios and other details on Colombia's forty plus year war with the FARC.

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