Saturday, April 19, 2008

Iraqi Army Takes More Territory in Basrah

Fire of Liberty

As I noted earlier this month in a post titled "Iraq: Beyond the MSM Veil," the Iraqi Army(absent from the eyes of the MSM) inflicted heavy casualties on the Mahdi Army thus securing various strategic positions in the southern port city of Basrah. I also pointed out that while this was one battle within the greater counterinsurgency war and will require a lot of heavy work before they achieve a lasting security like General Petraeus has achieved elsewhere in Iraq. Well according to this piece in The Times, it looks like the Iraqi Army(along with the aide of British artillery and air power) is taking the steps in the right direction with its most recent launching of a highly coordinated and well timed operation which resulted in the Mahdi Army relinquishing the district of Hayaniya to the Iraqi Army and a small liaison contingent of the British SAS(Ideal forces for classic counterinsurgency strategy.) Now while these forces will have several hiccups along the way they have proven so far that the Iraqi Army is indeed willing(Which Dems in the Senate and House fail to notice.) to take on the forces that threaten the citizens of Basrah. I for one offer a hearty salute to these brave soldiers fighting for their nation and wish them great success so our forces will return sooner(Just not as quick as Obama or Clinton wants to.).

*Also, take a look at this post by Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal for a more in depth look at the push-back of the Mahdi Army in Basrah.

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