Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Never Too Late to Study Waterloo

Fire of Liberty

It amazing that some 193 years the French military has finally decided to study the reasons why the Emperor of France wasn't victorious on the fields of Waterloo. Well I guess after having their chestnuts pulled out of the fire in wars of the past and their constant reminders of the faults in others, the French have decided to look inward and ask themselves what they did wrong with regards to their countless military defeats and how they can ensure victory in future encounters. While Waterloo and other set battles on the plains of Europe are fine and dandy, I suggest they focus on the mistakes and and successes that they had in places Vietnam and the Battle of Algiers in an effort to improve their skills in fighting a more counterinsurgency centric warfare. Being a sporting American, I wish the French all the support.

*I suggest the French military pick up Andrew Robert's excellent book Napoleon and Wellington, for more insight on their defeat at Waterloo.

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