Monday, April 07, 2008

Zimbabwe Blues

Fire of Liberty

While I'm thrilled of the news(Western sources that is, when they're not in jail by the government.) coming out of Zimbabwe which reports that the people turned out Mugabe and his allies in Zanu-PF for Morgan Tsvangirai's and his opposition party Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), I'm also not surprised that news is coming out of Zimbabwe that the Zimbabwe Election Commission(Who says they're independent but folks should know better in a land controlled by Mugabe) hasn't released election results in over a week as well or the fact that Mugabe and his thugs are making preparations to hold onto power. I for one hope Mugabe's advisers and friends talk him out of such actions and convince him that exile is far better. If they don't, I fear Mugabe will go down with the ship and inflict a horrific and bloody tragedy on the millions of poverty and disease stricken people of Zimbabwe. No matter the results(I hope MDC wins), the folks of Zimbabwe have a long road to pike in the future. One hopes that it will be an upward climb under new management rather than a further descent in Hell under Mugabe.

Here's some fine reporting by The Times on Zimbabwe. See here, here, here, here, and here.

Here's more from other sources here, and here.

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