Sunday, November 02, 2008

Col. John Ripley, RIP

Fire of Liberty

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As the son and nephew of Vietnam War Veterans, I have a special place in my heart for the men who fought and the brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the jungles of Vietnam. Well today marks the passing of Marine Col. John Ripley(Noted as being retired but always a "Devil Dog") at the age of 69. Now while all veterans deserve our highest respect, I recommend a double salute to Col Ridley for his clear devotion to country in which he and 600 of his fellow ARVN soldiers were commanded to hold off some 20,000 NVA soldiers and their contingent of 200 tanks on the Easter of 1972. Even with such odds, Col. Ripley, was able to destroy a bridge between these forces and his small forces by destroying a small bridge separating the forces. I know he wouldn't tell you out of shear modesty, but this devotion to his men, allies, and country earned him the much esteemed Navy Cross and Silver Star. So thank you Col. Ripley for you service.

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