Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Governor Mitch Daniels in 2012?

Fire of Liberty

I know that we've just ended a two year Presidential election and folks are tired about politics, but it's never too early to set our sites on some future candidates. One individual who seems to have rode out the Republican massacre and won by double digits in an Obama state this past November is Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana. Unlike the many Republicans that lost this year, Governor Daniels was able to survive(even in a state that Obama carried) because he stuck to his conservative principles by pushing forward free market solutions to the problems before his state, initiating sound budgets, thus demonstrating that debate between small government and big government solutions are long from being over(Note to Obama). For most voters, Governor Daniels is not a household name, but he has a good record on fiscal thrift and smaller government and is talking the right talk about how these nutty "bailouts" are playing havoc on our financial system and robbing the taxpayer's of the hard earned money during these slow times. I don't know everything about Governor Daniels and his stances, but he is right on the money with regards to economics. Expect a brighter political future for Gov. Daniels. Until then, I'll direct you to this excellent piece on this conservative star over at Forbes.com by Reihan Salam.

*There's a good stable of conservative governors for 2012 which includes: Daniels, Jindal, Stanford, Pawlenty, Romney.

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