Monday, November 03, 2008

King Coal

Fire of Liberty

Is it me or is Senator Obama always letting his mask down(ala Shelby Steele) too much with the San Francisco crowd. Whether it's with the media or some private fund-raiser, Sen. Obama tends to find ways to piss off the voters of he needs to vote for him. Aside from his comments about folks in rural Pennsylvania clinging to their G-d and guns because they're "bitter", he's now going after their livelihood by talking about killing coal-fired power plants due to his excessive cap & trade policy he would implement. One can imagine him upping up the new source review standards. I believe he could lose a lot of votes and some must have states with statements like these :

I guess if he can't lead us down the Road to Serfdom via his massive tax increases and spending programs, he'll just go after an industry that keeps our lights burning 24/7 and fires other industries that keep America number 1 economically. I'm not ready for an European style welfare state and I suspect the folks of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and elsewhere will come to the same conclusion. Here's hoping I'm right. The One might get ill, but then again I'm not worried about being kicked off his plane.

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