Wednesday, October 18, 2006

300 Million And Growing

Fire of Liberty

John Tierney, columnist at the NY Times, has a wonderful column which points why the environmental lobby and others should be wary of jumping to quick conclusions and pushing grand schemes on preventing such disaster because sometimes the solution is far more harmful than the perceived threat. Folks can say 300 million is far too many people but if you look at Europe and China(who fell under the spell of Paul Erhlich's "The Population Bomb.") and see that these countries are falling behind the replacement rate of 2.1%(Having to import workers outside of nation and culture or don't have enough mates for the male pop.)you soon discover that the 300 million number is not a figure to fret about but something to celebrate. So twenty years from now when the other countries begin to see their nations die a slow grey death, our older population will be resting happy and enjoying the fruits of their labor in a nation that remains a young and dynamic. I just hope folks take Tierney's words for heart and stop embracing ideas that cause more harm than good.

*Here's Jonah Goldberg's take on reaching 300 million folks.

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