Friday, October 06, 2006

Onward to Victory

Fire of Liberty

As of late I've been coming across a several articles and column questioning NATO and the US's ability to take on the remnants of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and whether or not it's time to start making deals with or enemy in order to keep the country from going into chaos. Thankfully I've come across a great leader(editorial) in The Times which points out that we are on the verge of winning in Afghanistan as long as we keep on applying maximum force on the enemy and expanding our presence in the region. If we can show the Afghans that we're committed to winning by applying such force and helping them rebuild, we will cut our problems in half and will see victory in a far quicker pace compared to past counter-insurgency operations. Staying on the offensive and thinking ahead of the terrorists/insurgents is a must in winning the War on Terror and I think NATO would be well advised to take this leader to heart and as the surest way to achieve their goal in Afghanistan.

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