Friday, October 27, 2006

Assimilation is the Trick To Preserving Western Civilization

Fire of Liberty

If Europe is going to preserve the Western tradition and prevent the future collapse of their nation-states then they've got to step up to the plate and knock aside the goobly-gook ideas of "multi-culturalism" and start pushing forward the even-headedness policies of assimilation which makes immigrants learning the language, laws and culture of their new country thus making them citizens of their new countries and not mere inhabitants. Well thankfully The Times has a good article that notes how the center-right government of Sweden has come to its senses with regards to the dangers of "multi-culturalism" by appointing Nyamko Sabuni(A moderate Muslim) as the Minister of New Intergration and Equality who upon being appointed has introduced a policy of assimilation upon the people of Sweden thus loosening the grip of Islamic fundamentalism on the new Muslim emigres. As I've noted time and time again, the only way that you're going to preserve your society from the massive onslaught of Islamic fundamentalism then these nations have got to push through no-nonsense assimilation policies as more moderate Muslims like Sabuni and Ayaan Hirsi Ali have got to stand up against these forces and say enough is enough. If these governments don't apply such policies and such individuals don't step up to the plate then the dam of Western Civilization could be destroyed by the forces of radical Islam in the near future.

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