Friday, December 08, 2006

Leaving Iraq by 2008 should be a No-Go

Fire of Liberty

Even if some members of the ISG and various members of Congress are calling for an exit from Iraq by 2008, I think this piece from The Times pretty much sums up why the US can't take up such an action. From what I've read it seems like they're are a lot of folks in Iraq are willing to fight side by side with their American brothers but are scared by the media and the actions in Washington and fear we're heading to the doors and leaving them behind to face a fate far worse than what hit South Vietnam. I just hope the President stands firm and keeps our 140,000 troops in Iraq along with a compliment of the 20,000 trainers and adds an massive inflow of equipment, weapons, and ammo to the fledgling Iraqi army. If we show a true commitment towards helping Iraq defeat the enemy we could pull out an overwhelming victory and have a island of freedom in the midst of a sea of chaos. Here's hoping that the administration achieves these goals for the sake of our fallen soldiers and the people of Iraq.

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