Monday, December 11, 2006

Reform Radio Farda for Freedom's Sake

Fire of Liberty

With Iran being a big blip on the World's radar with its support of terrorism, manufacturing of ballistic missiles, advancement of its nuclear weapons program and seemingly gaining of a media foothold in the media, I believe that this is the right time to initiate the beginning of the end of the regime via internal change. Aside from providing economic, political and moral support for dissidents, students, worker unions and everyday citizens who are fed up and want an end of, the US can also use the power of the air waves by revamping Radio Farda back to a more news and information station that provides debates and ideas of democracy, culture, religion and other social issues that are forbidden in Iran. One only has to look back at how the dissidents and prisoners within he USSR and in the Soviet sphere gained their freedom due to the fact that they had Radio Free Europe/Radio which motivated and provided them with a forum that allowed them to cast aside the seventy-four year old Soviet monster. Thankfully, S. Enders Wimbush, former director of Radio Liberty(1987-1992) and current senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, has penned a wonderful piece in the Weekly Standard that provides a point by point plan that the US can follow to dissolve the pop radio format of Radio Farda and turn it into a shining voice of freedom much like we did during the Cold War. If a radio station's signal can take down a mighty empire like the Soviets just think what a boost to Radio Farda could do for the folks in Iran. Here's hoping someone at State and the White House have read this fine piece.

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