Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shine On Lady Liberty

Fire of Liberty

For a good while now I've been reading and hearing a lot of folks on both political spectrums, amongst the talking heads and the foreign policy mandarins about how we should cleft to the shores of "realism" and return to the ways of olde and be more willing to "listen" to our friends and be more "engaged" with the our enemies. Thankfully Robert Kagan(Author of Dangerous Nation) has a wonderful op/ed in the Financial Times that tends to pour some cold water on the "realist" foreign policy and demonstrates how the proactive nature of the US military is a force of good. One can only imagine what the world would had been like if the US had failed to be the champions of liberty during WWII and the Cold War. Maybe a lot more people will take a double take on this current embrace of foreign policy realism and realize that we have a long history of extending what Thomas Jefferson called the "empire of liberty" throughout the world.

*Also check out Max Boot's The Savage Wars of Peace, H.W. Crocker III's Don't Tread On Me, Mark Steyn America Alone, and Bill Bennett's America: The Last Best Hope.

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