Friday, December 08, 2006

One Tough Lady At Turtle Bay

Fire of Liberty
Jeane Kirkpatrick

When I think of the UN I tend to think of a body that is corrupt, inept, diplomatic double speak, unable to prevent genocide, fearful of confronting dictators, and generally disdainful of the US and Israel. Now while I tend to be a little stand-offish on anything with a UN stamp on it, I generally can stand its existence if the US has a strong willed ambassador who is willing to promote our ideals and defend us fully by bringing some sense into what Daniel Patrick Moynihan called a "dangerous place." One individual who possessed such a great talent and shined as a defender of this great nation was Jeane Kirkpatrick, who passed away last night. Ambassador Kirkpatrick would prove to be a great compliment to President Reagan as he and the country went toe to toe with the "evil empire". Amongst the many things that I found admirable about this feisty cold-warrior is that she called things as she saw it and could go a few rounds with the individuals at Turtle Bay who looked the other way towards dictatorships and the harshness of the Soviets in various corners of the world. Just think how interesting it would be to have an UN Ambassador who was willing to say the following:
"The U.S. has been getting kicked around a lot lately at the UN, and I just want you to know President Reagan and I think that's wrong. And as long as I'm here, we're not going to be kicked around anymore!"
It's very rare to find a voice of sanity in a madhouse known as Turtle Bay and I doubt we'll ever find another strong willed individuals like Jeane Kirkpatrick to fill such post, especially after watching the shameful way that members of the Senate treated John Bolton. So long live Jeane Kirkpatrick and the ideas she espoused.

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