Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration a Key in South Carolina

Fire of Liberty

I realize that the polls show McCain leading Huckabee and Romney by 7 and 8 points respectively in South Carolina but I think their is a great opportunity for the other candidates to show their conservative bona fides by taking the septuagenarian senator down a few pegs over his collusion with Ted Kennedy with the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill. As an observer of the news and listener of South Carolina talk radio during the whole immigration dust-up this past summer and the virulent reaction to the cheer-leading of the bill by Sen Lindsey Graham, I clearly convinced that the folks in the Palmetto State won't be too friendly to the Senator and will be far more receptive to a candidate that takes a tough stand on securing the border. It is true that evangelicals and the military represent a large voting block but with the massive influx of illegals to the southern states, I believe that a lot of folks in these voting blocks are more concerned about the changing of their way of life and prefer that the situation to slow down with the security of this nation. I might end up being wrong when the election results come in next week but I believe that the illegal immigration crisis and the actions of Senator McCain with regards to this issue might have a greater impact on the upcoming election. Though I'm no soothsayer to this wacky election, I do have a observant eye and a good ear and know that illegal immigration is a chief concern of folks in the south and the south-west. Hopefully, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney will shine through on this subject in tonight's debate.(As of 20 minutes into this debate they are ignoring the subject.)

*I believe that there should be a thorough debate over on economics, taxes, national security, our fight against militant Islam, social issues, energy and other aspects that's important in selecting the Republicans next nominee but I believe their stance on illegal immigration is a way to gain some traction and move ahead of McCain.

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