Saturday, January 26, 2008

McCain's Mask Comes Off

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While catching up on my daily reading I came across an interesting article by Glen Johnson of the AP in today's issue of the D.C. Examiner that points out why conservatives are and should by skeptical of McCain's new found religion on supply-side economics. After reading the following exchange between Romney and McCain one can clearly see that Senator McCain is a creature of the D.C. Beltway and believes his vaunted position makes him some all-seeing oracle of the economy. Here's a look behind the current facade McCain found in South Carolina:

McCain disagreed. Speaking to reporters on his bus elsewhere in Florida, McCain insisted his service on the Senate Commerce Committee is better preparation for overseeing the U.S. economy than Romney's private-sector experience. He said the Commerce Committee has broad jurisdiction over every aspect of the economy.

"Running an investment company is probably a good thing to do. Making national policy concerning our economy is probably more beneficial to the nation," said McCain, who went on to criticize Romney's economic record as governor. He criticized Romney for tax and fee hikes whole in office, as well as job losses and enacting a health care plan proving to be more costly than originally estimated.

Recalling his start as a venture capitalist, Romney told the builders: "It takes a degree of chutzpah to go to someone and say, `Give me your money and I will invest it for you, and I'll give you back 80 percent of the profit I earn, and I'm going to keep 20 percent of the profit I earn. I'm going to charge you a 2 percent fee for taking your money, and by the way, if I lose your money, too bad.'"

As the audience of several hundred builders laughed, he added: "I don't share in the downside, I only share in the upside."

Later, before a crowd of several hundred in Pensacola, Romney read aloud newspaper quotes - one as recently as December - in which McCain professed less experience in economic affairs than foreign or military affairs. Romney then scoffed at the senator comparing committee service with private sector experience.

"Now he's engaging in "Washington talk,'" Romney said, mocking McCain's professed "straight talk" mantra. "Washington talk says that somehow, because you've been in Washington, and you've been on a committee, that you somehow somehow know about how the jobs of this country are been created."

He added: "There's an arrogance that sets into Washington, that somehow they know everything, that people in Washington know better than the people of America."

After seeing what McCain and his "anointed" colleagues launched in the Senate this past summer with regards to immigration and his horrific effort to limit political speech with his Campaign Finance Reform(more or less incumbency protection), one shouldn't be surprised with such actions or statements. Once can sense that the "Straight Talk Express" bus has run out of gas and is coasting to a near stop while the more conservative Romney speeds by. I might be wrong come the 6th of February(And raise the ire of McCain) but I'm saddling up with Team Romney.

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cary said...

McCain is more of a Democrat that either Hillary or Obama. The dangerous part is he is posing as a Republican, and a lot of people who are too lazy to do their research are buying his manure wagon sight unseen.