Monday, January 07, 2008

John "Amnesty" McCain

Fire of Liberty

As I was watching the Republican forum on ABC this past Saturday(I caught the repeat on CNN because I was watching the Wild Card playoffs) or the excellent one on FOX News last night(More serious with Ross Perot sounding Ron Paul left out), I couldn't help but yell at the TV when McCain used yet more of his Senate double-speak to say his bill didn't provide amnesty to illegals even when he and his fellow Senators buried within the two previous "Comprehensive Immigration" bills that were most recently shut down by the American people this past summer. Now Senator McCain might think that the American public is really forgetful about the summer's dust-up over the McCain/Kennedy "Immigration Reform Bill" but as an observer and active participant of the groundswell against this bill the actions of John McCain have not faded with time. Even more, the Senator has the problem of leaving a large paper trail behind him and can't hide from such facts. One place that has put in the man hours in revealing the facts about this monstrosity of an bill is the Heritage Foundation. Whether is was Ed Meese offering the legal view(And his experiences from the Reagan years), Robert Rector presenting an economic analysis or many others, the good folks at Heritage offered a great deal of info on McCain's bill. The best source that I've found that boils this horrible bill down to the "brass tacks" is a piece by Heritage Foundation senior fellow Matthew Spalding titled "Undeniably Amnesty: The Cornerstone of the Senate's Immigration Proposal". Now while McCain thinks he can run from the truth by offering platitudes about him "learning his lesson" and offering to secure the borders but the good folks at Heritage are providing us with the truth. I just hope Republicans lining for McCain will think twice and read the pieces at Heritage before the cast their ballot for the ex Naval pilot.

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