Friday, July 28, 2006

Stick To Conservative Republican Principles

Fire of Liberty

After some twenty or more years of the Republican party providing well a reasoned argument on why raising the minimum wage or setting a "living wage" would create a damper on the hiring of the poor, cut out teenagers from summer and part-time jobs, and preventing others from gaining much needed job skills/experience and other arguments presented by economists like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell(See post below), it seems the Republicans are getting soft in their principles and philosophy. According to this piece in the Washington Examiner the Republicans in Congress has decided in out-Democrating the Democrats by pushing a bill to raise the minimum. This just perplexes me that instead of the Republicans standing on principle and arguing against raising the minimum wage they've decided to embrace the Democrats pet issue just to take it off the Democrats 06 election agenda. I guess the Republicans think they're so entrenched by bringing the pork to their districts and redistricting that they won't be knocked out in 06 but if they continue to dis their base a push forward Democratic agendas like this they might find a lot of conservative Republicans staying home and letting them suffer. I just hope they stave off the ire of conservative Republicans by hewn ing to the guiding principles and policies that got them to power in the first place rather than merely pandering to the other side.

**It looks like the Republicans have set several conditions on the minimum wage increase bill by tying it with the elimination of the Estate Tax. I prefer they didn't play such tricks in the future.(Keep to conservative principles)

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