Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Core Principles

Fire of Liberty

In a previous post I noted that if the Republicans are ever going to retake the reigns of Congress and retain the White House then they've got to return to core conservative values of smaller government, economic freedom, return a governor on run-away spending, greater ethics as well a strong national defense. While the Republicans seem to hold the barricades when it comes to national defense and cutting taxes(I prefer more in both cases.) they tend to be running away from smaller government and economic freedom like someone with their hair on fire even though the voters(who are generally center-right on these issues) are demanding a return to sanity or an end to such madness by selecting a divided government.

Even though I find it interesting that the President might be willing to brush off the dust and cobwebs that encase his veto pen box to kill some excessive bill on behalf of the Democrats, I prefer that the GOP return to power but in strong and bold ideas that propelled Reagan and the Gingrich Revolution to power in the first place. Amongst these two political heavy-hitters was one common feature which was the idea that individuals could and will achieve great things in America as long as they are unencumbered by the government's heavy hand in their lives and the economy. In fact this treasure trove of successful ideas is still readily available to the GOP via the late and great Milton Friedman and his books Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose. As a devotee to the works of this free-market champion I can proudly say that had it not been for the principled ideas of Friedman and the stand up and unwavering support of politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, I think that state-controlled economies, Keynesian economics, and Soviet totalitarianism would be all the rage today.

Today the GOP is at a crossroads with regards to whether or not they will rise again like a Phoenix or will they wonder the wilderness for a decade or more because they lost their way. They can attain the high ground by returning to the conservative/libertarian roots that were espoused by Calvin Coolidge, Barry Goldwater,Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman but they are the only ones who are going to have to bust their humps to achieve their goal. I think President Reagan summed up the situation that faces the wounded GOP when he noted "If not us, who? If not now, when?" This is the pressing question before the house.

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