Monday, November 13, 2006

Just Win Baby

Fire of Liberty

As a football fan I'm always reminded of Al Davis's famous motto of "Just Win Baby." Well such a motto should also be applied to our current fight in Iraq. For a good time now I've been advocating such a policy and have tried my best to provide you with a bevy of thoughts from some of the best observers and thinkers on our fight in Iraq. Thankfully, I've found a great a good piece by David Warren in the Ottawa Citizen which lays out a good argument on why President Bush and our military have got to press forward and achieve a victory over our enemies in Iraq. I'd be nice to wash our hands of the deadly insurgency and let the pieces fall where they fall(That's my fear from hearing the rhetoric of the Dems and the re-emergence of foreign policy realists like Robert Gates, James Baker, and Brent Scrowcroft)like we did in Vietnam but unfortunately the enemy that we face today won't be satisfied with us leaving their territory but will only be emboldened to strike us harder on our own turf. Therefore, we have to continue to take the fight to the enemy or be prepared to experience a way of life that seems to be the norm in the Middle East. I'm not prepared for this and don't think that throwing in the towel is the right way to honor the 3,000 soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. So here's hoping that the White House shys away from the "realist" approach that is being bandied about in the MSM and pushes a policy that results in victory.

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