Thursday, November 02, 2006

Negative Ads Really Work

Fire of Liberty

Andrew Ferguson has a good column which points out the fact that every election cycle there always seems to be a report in the media about that complain about all those "negative ads" being hurled by various politicians but in reality when push comes to shove these ads tend to provide greater facts and tends to tip the voter over to their side. So before anyone starts to complain about negative ads, I recommend you read Ferguson's piece


shliknik said...

I'm sure negative ads work...especially with voters who know little about the politicians or don't have an idea who they'll vote for.

When all you know about someone is negative, you tend to remember that more.

I'd like to think I'm different though - I have an equal mistrust of all politicians and believe most are cut from the same cloth. When I hear negative after negative all COMING from the same person, it really turns me off to him/her and not the person they're talking about.

Can you really trust any of 'em though?

jstarley05 said...

I trust politicians as far as I can throw them but since we live in a world full of them and their campaigns then you've got to be willing to do a little research on them before you cast your lot with them.