Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank You Secretary Rumsfeld

Fire of Liberty

I'd like to offer up a hearty thank you to the good work that Secretary Rumsfeld has provided to the Defense Department and the defense of this nation. Now while he's had a helluva time in pursuing the mission in Iraq, you've got to say he's accomplish quite a bit by transforming the DOD and the US Military for wars of the 21st century, cutting pork and streamlining the DOD, as well as leading the DOD in an excellent takedown of the terrorists in Afghanistan and Saddam in Iraq. Folks might doubt the effectiveness of Secretary Rumsfeld in this post election "night of the longknives" atmosphere but when historians look back on his tenure I'll bet they'll see him as a transformative visionary who nipped future problems in the bud and foresaw the threats well before others. So three cheers to Secretary Rumsfeld.

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