Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pelosi's True Colors

Fire of Liberty

I have to say that I'm a little disinclined on to take the MSM and others serious in their efforts to convince the American people that Speaker Pelosi and her friends will be more moderate and more tempered on their approach to Iraq and are more willing to shy away from "cutting and running." Such doubts have been reconfirmed after I saw Pelosi on Special Report with Brit Hume and she noted that Iraq is "not a war to be won but a situation to be solved."


Anonymous said...

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shliknik said...

No, the Dems wom't be doing any hardwork in Iraq, and if most of them had their say today, the troops would pack tonight and be home by the weekend.

It'sad, but the Repubs have srewed around with the Iraq situation over the past fews years and haven't accomplished as much as they should.'s never as bad as the news/Dems make it out to be, but I don't think anyone (Repubs included) can say the situation is going exactly as planned. Like I said in an earlier post - we had our window in the beginning to make meaningful change, but we didn't come in with a good plan or enough troops to implement it.

Maybe if they could have had a few more positive results, the ousted Repubs would still be in office. But the people spoke - "The Rupubs had their chance now let's see what the other side can do."

If Bush doesn't have a meaningful two years (even harder now that the house/Senate won't be 'friendly) and he doesn't do something to change the negative attitude about the current administration, I totally expect there to be a Dem for Prez in '08.