Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hey Mayor Bloomberg, Hands off My Doughnuts

Fire of Liberty

As any reader of Fire of Liberty knows, I'm a big fan of limited government and feel that keeping the government out of your hair on a number of issues is the best policy to apply towards your everyday life. We'll now the New York's mayor Michael Bloomberg is showing his RINO(Rep. In Name Only) credentials yet again by pushing through another "nanny state" measure that would force all restaurants in New York City to ban the use of trans fats in the preparation of their food. While Bloomberg thinks he's doing a service to the health of the people in New York City by banning the use of fats, he fails to realize that it isn't the fats that cause some 500 people to die from clogged arteries but rather its the eating habits and over-consuming on behalf of the patrons of these restaurants. Even if you ban trans-fats, folks are still going to have problems with cholesterol, obesity and diabetes because they'll still be consuming massive amounts of cakes, breads, fries, pizza, hamburgers, doughnuts and a ton of other great tasting foods that are offered in the various restaurants throughout the boroughs of New York City. With the continued talk of the dangers of trans fats and the knowledge of Organic and healthy alternatives that are being blasted in the print media, cable news, morning news shows, Food Network, Martha Stewart, Oprah and an abundant amount of organic friendly grocery stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods(lesser known chains) I can assure you that the restaurants are hearing from their customers/patrons and are changing what they using cooking their food. Therefore we've got to let the private sector take the lead in this one and let people use personal responsibility to make their own choices as to what and how much they want to eat. Mayor Bloomberg and his friends at City Hall might think the are doing this for the best of the folks in New York City but in reality he's taking it back down the Road to Serfdom and greater dependence on the much like we saw during the terms of John V. Lindsay and David Dinkins. It's time we let New Yorkers be New Yorkers even it that means having clogged arteries and being fat(Which in a city where folks walk and ride the subway to get from point A and B there's little lack of exercise) because that's the American way.

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