Wednesday, September 20, 2006

House Republicans Abiding To Their Duties and Voters

Fire of Liberty

While I'm on the subject of the Republican led House securing our republic from fraud and illegal activity, I thought I'd point out this article in the New York Sun which provides a good run-down of the 700 mile Border Fence bill as well as the Voter ID bill. Though the MSM keeps on echoing the "Republicans are going to lose" mantra in most of their political reporting, they fail to realize that their touting of such polls is prompting the Republicans to start standing up and really listening to what their base wants and moving forward with this much needed legislation to secure our borders and ensure fair and fraud free voting. It's amazing what these poll numbers can do in sparking the Republicans to action. One thing I have seen with this return to core principles with the Republican led House is actually causing a bump in the polls(See Question 2 in the USA Today/Gallup poll) with regards to their possibility of retaining their jobs after November 7th. Now while the Republicans are far from being out of the woods(Spending) with its base, this legislation is a start.

*After reading this piece by Senator Bill Frist in the San Diego Union-Tribune in which he points out that he will be introducing a bill in the coming days to the US Senate that is a Senate version to the House bill on the building of 700 mile Border Security fence, it seems that the Republican leadership in the Senate are also getting the drift of their voters. Here's hoping things go well in the Senate with regards to this bill especially when the securing of our borders is one of their constitutional duties. Like I've been saying(And Pat Buchanan(who I seldom agree with economically or militarily/foreign policy wise), I'm not as concerned with the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants already here but feel that it's way past time to erect something that prevents a further influx of illegals aliens into our country. If we have something like a fence slowing down these illegals then we'll have a better opportunity in assimilating these illegals to our culture, laws, and history. For the freedoms and way of life that we have and offer to others, this small inconvenience should be a given for immigrants. Immigration is all good as long as it's legal and controlled by our government.(This is one area where the government does a better job).

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