Monday, September 25, 2006

Tightening the Screws on the Hermit Kingdom

Fire of Liberty
While North Korea launches multiple ballistic missiles and offers blistering rhetoric towards its neighbors and the US, they are isolating themselves further from the world community. Well according to this article in the Financial Times, Australia and Japan have decided to push the Hermit Kingdom further into the cold by enacting a round of financial sanctions on the Kim Jong Il regime. I have to say that if the regime in North Korea is going to continue its obfuscation with regards to the six party talks and continue to develop their deadly arsenal then the folks surrounding North Korea have decided the best policy is to starve the "Dear Leader" and his fellow cronies in Pyongyang of their much needed cash thus making funds scarce to build more missiles and cook up more weapons grade uranium. Aside from outright aggression this current round of sanctions is the best way to bring about the demise of Kim Jong Il.

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