Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lost In The Tall Grass

Fire of Liberty

While I find Francis Fukuyama, professor at Johns Hopkins' School for Advance International Studies, a great contributor to the conservative moment and the post Cold War conversation with with his early works in the National Interest and subsequent publication of The End of History and the Last of Man, I have to say he seems to have fallen on darker days these days with foreign policy. Now while he's very qualified to talk about foreign policy with his post at SAIS, I have to say that he's laying out a "just don't get it" take with regards to our current War on Terror when he wrote Nine Things We Have Learned Since September 11, 2001 over at the American Interest(A magazine he founded)blog. Thankfully, Mario Loyola has written a great critique of Fukuyama' Nine Things Learned over at National Review that pretty much demonstrates when it comes to foreign policy and fighting terrorism he's becoming lost in the tall grass of academia and establishment thought that's so prevalent in the State Department, Council of Foreign Relations and the MSM. Here's hoping he finds his way of these tall grasses.

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