Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dems Failing to Do their Homework on Iraq

Fire of Liberty

I know that the Democratic Presidential candidates are speaking to the liberal net-roots choir by one-upping each other on how fast they'll get troops out of Iraq if they win the White House, but when push comes to shove these individuals fail to take in the whole logistics, excessive time span as well as the massive security that it will take for our military to bring home the 160,000 troops, equipment, support staff and all of the armaments that we have committed in Iraq. Just listen to this June 22, 2007 broadcast by Tom Bowman on NPR's(Not a Bush friendly news organization) Morning Edition to get a great understanding about what such a tail-tucking evacuation will require of this nation and its troops. Looks to me that these folks should do their homework before offering up such suggestions and irrational statements.

*Also check out Frank J Gaffney Jr.'s great take on this future Dunkirk.

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