Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Listen to the Folks

Fire of Liberty

I know that various members of the US Senate are hell bent on passing the Immigration Reform bill because they think they know more than the "loud people" of America but maybe these politicians should stop talking to hear themselves talk and pay attention to what the people are saying. Just look at what Rasmussen Reports has to say:
Just 20% of American voters want Congress to try and pass the immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate last week. ... 51% would like their legislators to ‘take smaller steps towards reform’ while 16% believe they should wait until next year. ... Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters would favor an approach that focuses ... ‘exclusively on securing the border and reducing illegal immigration.’ Support for the enforcement only approach comes from 84% of Republicans, 55% of Democrats, and 69% of those not affiliated with either major party. ... Fifty-seven percent (57%) favor a proposal giving ‘all illegal aliens up to three years to leave the United States. After leaving, the illegal aliens would have to get in line and wait their turn for legal entry into the United States.’ Support for that concept comes from 67% of Republicans, 49% of Democrats, and 56% of unaffiliated voters. ... The Senate immigration reform bill that failed last week was far more popular in Congress than among the American people. ... At the end, just 23% of voters favored the legislation. ... Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) has seen his Favorability ratings slide to 19% during the recent debate. A month ago, he was viewed favorably by 26%...
When will these folks start listening to their voters rather than the MSM or some diluted pollster who says such legislation will create a sense of admiration for the Republican party amongst the 12 million or more illegal aliens.

*Hat tip to John Derbyshire of National Review Online.

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shliknik said...

All we can do is vote them out of office and look for change. I think some politicians think they're invincible and don't have to answer to anyone once they've been elected.

We have to change that.