Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dems Steadily Jumping on Fairness Doctrine Bandwagon

Fire of Liberty

In my post Standing Athwart History, I noted that Senators Lott and Graham were a little perturbed by talk radio educating the American people about the Immigration Bill as well as Senator Feinstein noting the she is seriously looking into bringing the Fairness Doctrine back to life. Well according to this piece over at by Amanda Alexander it looks like more Democratic Senators are getting on the Fairness Doctrine bandwagon thus finding yet another piece of legislation to squelch free speech. Here's what Senator John Kerry had to say on the most recent Brian Lehrer Show on WYNC(An NPR station which would benefit from the act), reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine:

While these Democrats and their friends on the left and the MSM are pushing forward this squelching of free speech, the Hill has a good article out which notes that Republicans in the House are making great efforts to counter such actions. Thank G-d for conservatives at, National Review, Hot Air, and talk radio for keeping us informed about such actions.

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