Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Graham's Troubles in SC

Fire of Liberty
Judging from South Carolina talk radio and the most recent cloture vote that forwarded the Immigration Reform bill in the Senate, I'd say that we'll see much more of the following ads being directed at Senator Lindsey Graham.

*Even if the bill passes, we have hope that a large number of Republicans and a large contingent of Blue Dog Democrats-who ran to the right of most Republicans in 2006-kill the bill in the House.


shliknik said...

Wow...gotta admit...that video was a little over the top with the 'Lindsey is the devil' remarks.

I'm just now getting into SC politics, but people are steaming over this bill.

I don't know of any other way around it except by saying Graham ignored the voters who put him into office and in '08, it'll cost him his job.

I'm confident in this...but I'm also confident in the phrase 'out of sight...out of mind'. I hope people don't forget how these backroom deals went down, and if the SC voters are truly mad, show L.G. at the booth.

jstarley05 said...

I expect that this is burned in their minds and will be shown in 08.